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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Aug 20, 2013)
ok im downloading tekit now
(Aug 17, 2013)
Chillax tekkit server, IP:
(Aug 16, 2013)
what minecraft server do u guys play on
(Aug 15, 2013)
To all of you that make it in, welcome!
(Aug 10, 2013)
Civcraft is always outdated
(Jul 29, 2013)
We need to have a minecraft server that hasent been outdated for days, to name a single thing
(Jul 29, 2013)
why not people like me? Is your chapter master neglecting to be 'cool enough'for you? and plerp and I rarely are inconvenienced.with time
(Jul 29, 2013)
Yeah. The problem is Different Timezones. Blade and i are on the opposite sides of the country, for example.
(Jul 28, 2013)
but seriously still waiting for a chance to actually play with people, people like pl3rp
(Jul 28, 2013)
(Jul 28, 2013)
>reading forum...
(Jul 20, 2013)
welcome, Abram!
(Jul 18, 2013) pyro makes me laugh when he tries to act better than
(Jul 16, 2013)
check da forums, people
(Jul 12, 2013)
got a genius idea from the server website. we need a recruitment video! I have a few ideas for it, maybe soon we can discuss it via steam? I need someone to manage the music
(Jul 10, 2013)
1-2 your time, im available
(Jul 08, 2013)
i will apply whenever i can get ahold of you so i can have assisitance with a few parts of it.
(Jul 08, 2013)
by the way.. Askelon, apply to the server. Sordin, make a space marine. Ill be busy too, so you guys might a well get work ;)
(Jul 07, 2013)
we know, it's a sad we have to protect our souls again
(Jul 07, 2013)
well Im Back.