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Blade Holdin / Aug 01, 2013
Today, the veteran Angels have picked our new game. From now onward, we shall start playing tekkit! I ask that all members get the tekkit launcher and get prepared to play, because we have a lot of fun things to do. We still need to find a server, but it won't take long. The endgame of it all is us conquering the moon! Brothers, stand together, for we will be marching into the fires ungeared, but our dedication will be what gets us to the moon!


Do we have a server in mind yet? Because I may have a few suggestions.
We have one
Alright M'Lord, where can I find the IP so I can begin my work?
I would like to join this server so can i have the IP
yes what is the ip
"Askelon: Chillax tekkit server, IP:
"Blade:"Askelon Chillax tekkit server, IP:" Starting a quote chain. 8)
At least do an exact quote...
"Blade: At least do an exact quote..."
"Askelon: Blade: At least do an exact quote..." My name is Blade Holdin, not Blade

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