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Blade Holdin / Sep 30, 2013
Today I have started a recruiting campaign that shall last all week; inevitably, we'll gain around 10 people. Everyone needs to show them how good we are and remain active and friendly. These people will take your ranks if you can't live up to the AoD legacy! Everyone should add me on Steam so I can organize us better(including all new recruits) my steam ID is BladeHoldin. We also are maturing as a clan, and as so are going to evolve inti better games and require maturity and everyone must be at least 14. What this means is less minecraft, and more DayZ, because we need better teambuilding and human interaction.
Blade Holdin / Aug 01, 2013
Today, the veteran Angels have picked our new game. From now onward, we shall start playing tekkit! I ask that all members get the tekkit launcher and get prepared to play, because we have a lot of fun things to do. We still need to find a server, but it won't take long. The endgame of it all is us conquering the moon! Brothers, stand together, for we will be marching into the fires ungeared, but our dedication will be what gets us to the moon!
Blade Holdin / Jun 26, 2013
Yes, I know, it's an exciting moment in history for the Angels. Today, we have picked where our brothers will be stationed for the Emperor! On Minecraft, we have picked the remarkably wonderful world of CivCraft ( which allows for complete control on how we run our things, which allows us to have the most fun. In DayZ, we have picked "Time For Change RP." Their admins are the best I've ever met and the gameplay will be amazing. We've got a dedicated RP environment, Epoch, and admins who don't abuse their power and make a difference. I hope to see you all on soon!