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To: Salem
RE: Report on Construction and Maintenance of Fortress, Planet Chillax, Overworld System, Segmentum Obscurus.
Date: August 14th, 2013
Written by: Brother Valois, Angels of Death 10th Company
Encryption: Blue

Since last update, many changes have occurred in the Fortress we have forged on the Planet. We have currently have the following rooms created:
  • Farm
  • Barracks
  • Armory
  • Storage Room
  • Machine Room
  • Main Hall
  • Front Entrance

More rooms, including a Med-bay, Chapel, and Sparring Arena, are to be constructed within the next few days.

All rooms are or shall be using stone brick for easy cleaning and Maintenance by the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Regarding the Farm, it has been upgraded, as seen below, to increase capacity as well as the number of different fauna it can produce. We are now producing Potatoes, Wheat, and Sugarcane in ample amounts to feed the forces currently stationed on the Planet.

The Barracks has been constructed, (See Picture 1) to accommodate for each Battle-Brother currently stationed on the Planet, and can be upgraded to fit further personnel as needed. Each Battle-Brother is assigned his personal 4x4 room.
High Chaplain Askelos and Chapter Master Blade have their own rooms, down a separate hallway then the rest of the Barracks (See Picture 2), which are larger to accommodate more things for administrative work. The Honorguard also have their own Barracks, located inside the Main Barracks (See Picture 3), it is still under construction as we are waiting for advice on how to proceed from the High Chaplain or the Chapter Master.
Picture 1:

Picture 2:

Picture 3:

The Storage Room has undergone a large renovation and moving, now changed from the Main area of the Barracks to it's own room next to the Farm. All Chests have been labeled as such and basic Crafting supplies have been set up as well. We have also hidden a Chest in the Main Hall wall next to the Machine Room where all unused Power Armor and Valuables shall be stored until they are needed, however to keep it secretive I have not included a picture of it's location in case this message gets intercepted.

The Armory has now been situated across the Hall from the Barracks for easy access during Raids, and includes a Anvil from McMMO to repair weapons that are not enchanted, a Tinker Table for our Power Armour, and Chests for our various Weapons, Tools, and non-Power Armour.

The Main Hall has been entirely renovated using Stone Brick, and is currently serving as the Staging Area for any Announcements or Raid Rallies done by the Chaplain or Chapter Master. Until the Sparring Arena is constructed, it also serves as a place for the Brothers to practice their skills in combat on one-another.

The Machine Room is the most recently constructed and the most troublesome. It is currently equipped with a Sawmill, Induction Smelter, and a Pulveriser. our Quartz Grindstone is also set up in there as well as 12 Furnaces. However, the Stirling Engines we have set up Underground are currently not producing power, rendering the Machines useless until the Techmarines can get a good look at it and understand why the Machine Spirits are not cooperating.

We shall send out another report when another update is needed.

Brother Valois, Angels of Death 10th Company.
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