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++ Transmission Received++ ++Message is as follows++ ++Security level Magenta++ ++Imperial Date 982013.m41++Tan...
Small Tanuis 3y
Tanuis3501Small Blade Holdin 1y

The Commissar

So... I saw the thread on Minecraft Forums, and I honestly thought you guys have read my mind. While there are few 40k clans, the idea that there would also be one that does Tekkit just blew my mind and made me super excited.I specialize in the fo...
Small Michael Valois 3y
Michael Valois2291Small Blade Holdin 1y


Hi guys! I'm new to this but I'm sure i'll enjoy this clan! Hopefully I can be helpful... Somehow.... Well I want to thank plerp for asking me to join! Blah blah blah blah...
Small Valence 3y
Valence2143Small Blade Holdin 1y

Greetings one and all.

Greetings I am Sordin part of AoD and honor guard/ adviser. Since many of you don't know me I'll say I'm a polite British guy interested in gaming and rp but in any case, to all of you, hello.
Small Sordin 3y
Sordin2143Small Blade Holdin 1y

Need Help?

If any of you need help, feel free to add me on steam and join our group!Blade Holdin
Small Blade Holdin 3y
Blade Holdin180Small Blade Holdin 3y

High Chaplain Askelon

Hey. I'm the High Chaplain. Youll find out more stuff 'bout me later.
Small Askelon 3y
Askelon1213Small Askelon 3y

Blade Holdin

Hey, I'm the owner of this clan and chapter master, in case you haven't guessed that already. I'm a guy that gets motivated, works hard for what he believes in, and sees it as nothing. I don't take pride in being that way, because I don't like com...
Small Blade Holdin 3y
Blade Holdin190Small Blade Holdin 3y
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